Upcoming Exhibits


Arizonarama: Artwork by R. C. Rodell
In the James Gallery
January 29th through June 4th, 2023

Artist Runar (R.G.) Rodell had a very special talent for creating windows into wildlife: moments frozen in time behind glass and populated with life-like creations, colorful landscapes, and backgrounds that recede far into the distance. Rodell lived in Prescott, Arizona, and was most famous for these unique three-dimensional dioramas. In his lifetime (1898 -1983), he painted, carved and framed nearly five thousand unique, handmade pieces. So be sure to take advantage of this special opportunity to experience some great examples of Rodell’s artwork. The time, effort and attention to detail invested in these dioramas are truly incredible and worthy of your time. Each has a way of pulling you through the glass, into a manmade world of natural wonders.


Arizona Pastel Artists Association Annual Show
In the Lower-Level Gallery
February 19th through April 23rd 2023

The Phippen Museum is proud to host this annual event. See the contact information in the graphic for more information.