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Community Partners

Our generous community partners have been a crucial part of our effort since the museum’s inception. And we continue to receive outstanding support from individuals, businesses, and organizations throughout the region and the Southwest.

Financial support, in-kind donations, and contributions, or western art are all great ways to support our mission.

For more information on how you can help, please call the museum’s Executive Director,
Edd Kellerman at (928) 778-1385


Gifts are encouraged and accepted whenever they further the mission of the museum:

”To preserve and exhibit museum-quality Western art, and educate the public about the unique heritage, history, legends, and influence of the art of the American West.”

  • The BOT will make definitive determinations on whether gifts are accepted on a case-by-case basis.
  • Unrestricted gifts are highly encouraged.
  • Staff and the BOT will work with donors to honor their wishes (with respect to their gift) where practicable.
  • Major gifts are subject to the Phippen Windfall Policy as adopted.

Make a Donation

Cash and financial bequests

  • Refer to the current windfall policy in the determination of major gifts of cash or bequests.
  • Negotiable securities must be liquidated upon receipt, or as soon as possible after.
  • No gift that accrues any current or future liability will be accepted.
  • Real property may be accepted if the BOT has reviewed and agrees to the gift.


  • Museum quality art that furthers the mission of the museum will generally be accepted.
  • BOT will determine whether any piece will be accessioned into the permanent collection.
  • In accordance with IRS rules, gifts with a value of over $5,000 must be accompanied by a certified appraisal.


  • In-kind gifts may be very useful in furthering the mission of the museum.
  • BOT and staff will work with donors who have intentions of making in-kind donations of services, supplies, materials, equipment, etc. on a case-by-case basis.

Planned Giving

Mato Sha Society

The museum has recently developed a planned giving program that you might be specifically interested in called the Mato Sha Society. This special group comprised of dedicated donors recognizes and honors those forward-thinking individuals who have ensured the museum’s future by making a testamentary provision or other planned gift naming the Phippen Museum as a beneficiary of $5,000 or more.

For more information on how to become a member, contact the museum’s Executive Director, Edd Kellerman at (928) 778-1385

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