Current Exhibits

Unbridled Spirit: Pioneering Women in Art

March 18th through June 25th, 2023
in the Marley Gallery

Opening Reception & Members Preview on Friday, March 17th, 2023 at 5:30PM

To celebrate National Women’s Month, the Phippen Museum is opening an exhibition representing a broad overview of artwork by women artists who lived and worked in the Southwest during the first half of the 20th century.

Not only, did these artists teach and write about art; they illustrated books and were well-respected for their skill and talent. Each of these women artists possessed an independent spirit that allowed them to rise above the standards and social constraints of the time to carve a path for themselves in fine art.


Sunset Lava Fields by Mary-Russell Ferrell Colton (1928) Oil


Miniature Masterpiece Show & Sale
In the James Gallery
May 2nd through June 4th, 2023

Opening Reception & Members Preview on Friday, May 5th, 2023 at 5:30PM   |   Museum Members FREE & Guests $20

The Phippen Museum’s much-anticipated Miniature Masterpiece Art Show & Sale is again sure to thrill western art collectors. Over 60 successful and established artists are invited to submit small-scale works of art to be sold at fixed prices during this annual event. The miniatures will be on display at the museum and on our website leading up to the Sale-by-Draw on Monday, May 29th at 11AM. To place an Intent-to-Purchase absentee form, please contact the museum’s Curator, Jeannette Holverson at (928)778-1385, or email




Day’s End, Oil by Michele Usibelli



Arizonarama: Artwork by R. G. Rodell   

In the James Gallery
January 29th through June 4th, 2023

Artist Runar (R.G.) Rodell had a very special talent for creating windows into wildlife: moments frozen in time behind glass and populated with life-like creations, colorful landscapes, and backgrounds that recede far into the distance. Rodell lived in Prescott, Arizona, and was most famous for these unique three-dimensional dioramas. In his lifetime (1898 -1983), he painted, carved and framed nearly five thousand unique, handmade pieces. So be sure to take advantage of this special opportunity to experience some great examples of Rodell’s artwork. The time, effort and attention to detail invested in these dioramas are truly incredible and worthy of your time. Each has a way of pulling you through the glass, into a manmade world of natural wonders.