Miniature Masterpiece

May 1st through June 2nd, 2024

This will be the 21st annual presentation of the Museum’s much-anticipated Miniature Masterpiece Art Show & Sale. Over 60 successful and established artists are invited to submit small-scale works of art to be sold at fixed prices to benefit the museum.

The Miniature Masterpieces will be on display at the museum and on our website beginning May 1st, leading up to the Sale-by-Draw on Monday, May 27th at 11AM. To place an Intent-to-Purchase absentee form, please contact the museum’s Curator, Jeannette Holverson at (928)778-1385, or email

All artwork still available after the Draw can be purchased through June 2nd, 2024 by visiting the Phippen or contacting Jeannette Holverson, Curator.



2024 Participating Artists

Edward Aldrich

Linda Glover Gooch

Joel Petersen

Steve Atkinson

Robert Goldman

Sarah Phippen

Tracy Avant

Bud Heiss

Ian Ramsay

Heather Johnson Beary

Harper Henry

Don Rantz

Phil Beck

Doyle Hostetler

Glenn Renell

Lynn Brown

Russell Houston

Joseph Robertson

Gary Byrd

Valeriy Kagounkin

Marlin Rotach

Shawn Cameron

Greg Kelsey

Ken Rowe

Stephanie Campos

Susan Kliewer

Lee Rue

Sonja Caywood

Linda Loeschen

Myron Sahlberg

Dane Chinnock

Cindy Long

Marilyn Salomon

Karen Clarkson

Gretchen Lopez

Elizabeth Lewis Scott

Valerie Coe

Ronald W. Lowery

Diana Simpson

Sheila Cottrell

Kim Mackey

W. Jason Situ

Bill Cramer

Tamara Magdalina

Sherry Blanchard Stuart

Lisa Danielle

Alvin Marshall, CA

Gail Jones Sundell

Rose Ann Day

Dale G. Martin

Trevor Swanson

Steve Devenyns

Curt Mattson

Wei Tai

Lydia Dillon-Sutton

Neal McEwen

Cecy Turner

Mikel Donahue, CA

Cecilia McGuire

Michele Usibelli

David Dorsey

Dan Mieduch

V…. Vaughan

June Dudley

Bill Mittag

Ms. Yun Wei

Joni Falk

George Molnar

Don Weller

Brent A. Flory

Rock Newcomb

Carl G. Wolf

Gaylene Fortner

Tom Perkinson