Current Exhibits

High Desert Masters Exhibition
In the Marley Gallery
October 3rd, 2020 through March 7th, 2021
A collection of artworks representing Yavapai area artists from the Permanent Collection, our generous lenders and local artists. Our local artists view their surroundings through a lens of experiences, visually documented in portraits, landscapes, and wildlife. The Phippen is thrilled to host High Desert Masters in honor of the talent that is in our own backyard.

Cowboy Artists Exhibit
In the James Gallery
July 5th, 2020 through January 17th, 2021

For many years George Phippen had a vision for western art to be appreciated as fine art. In the Spring of 1965, he joined with fellow friends and cowboy artists Joe Beeler, Charlie Dye, and John Hampton in establishing the Cowboy Artists of America and was honored to serve as the first president. Today, the Cowboy Artists of America is an exclusive organization of artists that continues to influence the landscape of American art.