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FREE Youth Art Workshop
Horse Shoe Hijinks 
Saturday, August 3rd, 10AM
Horseshoe-wall-hangingAfter the horse is through with his shoe, this lowly piece of equestrian equipment gets a second life as an art object. Join the fun as we turn an ordinary piece of scrap iron into a cherished wall hanging.





Art Workshop

Introduction to representational Sculpture – The Horse with Neal McEwen
Saturday-Sunday, August 10-11, 10am – 4pm, Cost $75Carlbrownhorsesculpture
This workshop is an introduction to clay sculpture. Topics will include: assembly of bases, a systematic and proven system for designing and constructing an armature that ensures correct anatomical dimensions, discussion and practice in sculpting the skeletal and muscular structure of the horse, features and differences of various breeds, and sculptural details relating to various elements of anatomy (including study of the horse in motion), facial features, and hair (manes and tails). This class will be a combination of lecture, and clay modeling. Emphasis will be placed on the application of hands-on technique to realize an accurate figurative sculpture. Printed material will be provided by the Museum. Recommended ages: 15 and older. Limited class size – call for reservation. Materials Required


FREE Youth Art Workshop
Mystery Braidsmysterybraids
Saturday, September 14th, 10AM
Come have fun and learn the secret technique to crafting a leather braided wristband.
Amaze your friends and challenge them to figure out just how you did it.


14th Annual Phippen Fall Gathering
Saturday, September 21st, 5:30PM
$30 per person; children 8 and under FREE

fall-gathering-2018A perfect evening of great Western fun, food and friendship await guests at at our 13th annual Fall Gathering celebration, commemorating our Grand Opening in 1984. Attendees will be treated to a delicious Ranch-style barbeque, authentic Western entertainment, a very special raffle drawing and the Arizona Rancher & Cowboy Hall of Fame induction ceremony for Cynthia Rigden. The Rancher & Cowboy Hall of Fame is a permanent exhibit that features biographical information, artifacts, photographs and memorabilia from notable Arizona ranchers and cowboys.
Sky Daddy & Lonsome Valley will also be on hand to provide entertainment with dance rhythms for visitors of all ages to enjoy. Throw in Big Daddy E's special brand of Ranch-style cooking and you're in for another special evening of unique Western fun like only the Phippen can provide. The cost is $30 per person and reservations must be made in advance by calling the museum. Children under 8 will be admitted free but call now because space is limited for this ever popular event. For more information or to RSVP, please call the Phippen Museum at (928)778-1385.

Art and Wine – A Perfect Pairing
Thursday, September 26th, 5:30pm – 7:30pm
$35 per person; Must be 21 or older to attend
Reservations Required
Join us at the Phippen Museum for an evening of art and fun. This is a two-hour excursion for those who enjoy wine but may know nothing about painting.  Discover hidden wells of creativity as artist and Education Coordinator, Neal McEwen leads you through the step-by-step process process of creating your own original Western-themed acrylic painting: this time featuring Watson Lake. So join us for an evening of fun, wine, dessert appetizers, and a painting that is finished and suitable for framing. Call (928)778-1385 to register today.


3rd Annual CLAY OUT WEST Sculpture Jamboree & Competition for Kids
$10 per student; reservations requiredClay-out-West-group
The museum is hosting its third annual clay sculpture contest, open to all area students interested in trying their hands at sculpture. Participants are invited to our hands-on workshops with instruction in the clay sculpture process. They're then invited to execute a Western-themed sculpture. Certificates are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in three age categories (Elementary, Middle School & High School) and first-place winners will have their sculptures rendered as actual bronze statues for display in the museum.

Clay Out West Youth Art Workshop Dates
Saturdays, October 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th from 10AM-4PM
Sundays, October 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th & November 3rd from 1–4PM
         Sign up by calling the museum at (928)778-1385.

Wild, Weird, Wicked Wicked Arizona with Jana Bommersbach
Saturday, October 12th at 1PM
For a state that has been home to Geronimo, Wyatt Earp, César Chavez and Wonder Woman, you would think Arizona would have earned some respect. Yet, achieving statehood was a 50-year struggle, which finally ended on February 14th, 1912. Join Jana Bommersbach for this special presentation as she borrows from both her work for True West Magazine and Phoenix Magazine to put the 48th state into perspective. Jana will also some of the secrets prissy folks would rather forget. You’ll learn why this small state has had an inordinate influence on American politics, and why, no matter what outrageous thing happens anywhere in the world, there is bound to be an Arizona connection. This wicked, weird and wild romp through Arizona’s colorful history will shock, delight, inform, tickle and leave you wanting to learn more!

The Gentleman Doc Holliday with special guest presenter, Wyatt Earp 
Thursday, October 17th at 5:30PM
Wyatt Earp joins us for this special evening program to recount the story of Doc Holliday, the West's most famous dentist, and his journey from healer to killer. The setting is in a Denver, Colorado, jail cell where Bat Masterson and Governor Fredrick W. Pitkin have put Doc in protective custody for a few hours. This is after Doc and the Earps have left Arizona for Colorado. Unfortunately, for Doc a few hours has turned into a few days and, to say the least, Doc is not a very happy man. Out of boredom and frustration, Doc has begun bantering with the other prisoners and, throughout this play, you'll hear the story of a man, who as Doc puts it, went from " one who heals to one who keals".
Named after his great uncle, Wyatt Earp reenacts his famous relative's life in a series of bio-dramas that he and wife have performed throughout North America. But in this presentation, he explores a particularly difficult time in the life of Doc Holliday. Dinner will be provided by Big Daddy E's and the doors will open at 5:15PM. For reservations, call the museum at (928)778-1385.

Aldo Leopold with Stephen Morgan
Saturday, October 19th, 1PM

Steve-Morgan-aldo-leopoldJoin us for this exciting chataqua as Stephen Morgan brings us the life and experiences of ecologist, naturalist and writer, Aldo Leopold. Leopold was notable for his portrayals of the various natural environments through which he had moved, or had known for many years. He displayed impressive intimacy with what exists and happens in nature, and offered frank criticism of the harm he believed was frequently done to natural systems (such as land) out of a sense of a culture, or society's, sovereign ownership over the land – eclipsing any sense of a community of life to which humans belong.

 *PLEASE NOTE: There is a 15% fee for cancellations up to 1 week before paid programming; no refunds are given after that time. (All refunds will be dispersed by check.)

Art and Wine – A Perfect Pairing
Thursday, October 24, 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Reservations required:  $35 per person
Join us at the Phippen Museum for an evening of art and fun. This is a two-hour excursion for those who enjoy wine but may know nothing about painting.  Discover hidden wells of creativity as artist and Education Coordinator, Neal McEwen leads you through the step-by-step process process of creating your own original Western-themed acrylic painting ... an evening of fun, wine, dessert appetizers, and a painting that is finished and suitable for framing.


FREE Youth Art Workshop
Pine Cone Turkeys
Saturday, November 9th at 10AM
Get ready for Thanksgiving with this fun-filled craft exercise with our Education Coordinator, Neal McEwen. Not a lot of meat on these birds, but they're sure to please as a table decoration, or even later as a Christmas ornament. While drop-ins are welcome, if possible, please register in advance at (928)778-1385.

Theodore Roosevelt Slept Here with Kevin Schindler
Saturday, November 16th at 1PM
Theodore Roosevelt exhibited a greater influence on Arizona than perhaps any other president. He was the first sitting president to visit Arizona, employed an executive order to preserve the Grand Canyon, established a variety of wildlife refuges and reclamation projects, and enjoyed outdoor recreation in the area. This program will share Roosevelt’s widespread influence in Arizona, and also explore some stories of dubious accuracy that inevitably sprout from such a larger-than-life character. Kevin Schindler is an award-winning educator and writer who has worked for more than 20 years at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff. He was sheriff of the Flagstaff Corral of Westerners for 14 years and through a dual passion for history and science, he has presented hundreds of educational programs, authored 6 books, written more than 500 magazine and newspaper articles, and contributes a bi-weekly astronomy column for the Arizona Daily Sun. In 2019 Kevin was awarded the Friends of the Humanities Award by Arizona Humanities. This presentation is offered in collaboration with their speakers bureau, AZ Speaks.