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The Phippen Museum designs programs around the needs of children and most exhibits contains educational components in various mixed media. Educational programming can include lectures, workshops, classes, tours, newsletters and in-house educational materials. Contact the museum for more information.
Unique programs are designed for many exhibits, including lectures and special art performances. Check the museum events web page for current programming schedules.
The Family Discovery Center
At the Family Discovery Center, families can find activities such as art projects, puzzles, and games along with books that pertain to the current exhibit and general art. It is available to children and their families during museum hours.

DeewithkidtourAll museum tours are led by volunteer art docents or museum staff. These interactive tours are available for all exhibits. Student tours are available by appointment and can be tailored to the interest of the group and curriculum needs. An average Tour lasts approximately one hour. However, they must be scheduled in advance, so please call the museum to request a tour.
Library and Study Center
A Study Center is located within each exhibition and contains reading material about all aspects of the exhibit (for on-site use only). The Phippen Museum Research Library is also available to all visitors. This is a non-circulating reference library. The library is filled with books ranging from Arizona and Prescott history to art works and the biographies of many famous artists and is part of the Yavapai Library Network. The library is open to the public during museum hours.

busesfortoursATTENTION EDUCATORS: Choose from one of the FREE educational art activities listed below and then call Neal McEwen, Education Coordinator at the Phippen Museum, to set up a date and time for us to come to your classroom. (928)778-1385
Activities last approximately one hour and can be scheduled for any Tuesday or Thursday, depending on availability. Phippen staff will provide your students with all the materials and instruction needed. Suggested appropriate grade levels are listed with each activity. Please note: The Map Legends project involves water and paint, so please have students dress accordingly.
Transportation a Challenge? No problem. The Phippen Museum will pay up to $200 to help you transport your students to the museum. Simply have your District Office invoice the museum and we'll take care of the rest.


Map Legends!
Watercolor Treasure Maps
Grades 3rd - 8th
In this fun, hands-on project, Phippen Museum staff will entertain your students with the folklore of hidden Arizona treasures like the Lost Dutchman Mine and guide them in creating their very own map to lost legendary treasure with watercolors and ink.
Students will also see examples of treasure maps and other more common types of maps to help them learn the various map components, including keys, scales, and compass points. We provide students with all materials to create their own maps, assistance in planning and sketching out their project, and instruction in basic watercolor painting techniques.

The Museum Comes to You
Grades 3rd - 8th
nealinclassOur staff comes to your classroom or assembly area, and using art prints, sculptures and western artifacts from the Phippen Museum's collection, we bring  the museum to you. Students will have an opportunity to view and interact with art in a familiar and friendly setting while learning about painting and sculpture technique and the unique place that Western art holds in American history.
Depending on the curriculum needs of the class, this exhibit can be a launching point for discussions related to...

• American history, westward expansion and the era of the cowboy

• Mathematics and the use of mathematics in art, geometry and two-point perspective, the discovery of the golden rectangle and calculating the golden mean

• Anthropology – the evolution of the horse, and re-emergence of the horse into the American continent and the impact of the horse on American native culture

• Biology – equine anatomy and interesting horse facts

KidsattheDiscoveryCenterBeyond the Classroom
Grades 4th - 8th
Docent guided tours at the museum are available to schools on Tuesdays and Thursdays completely free of charge. However, to ensure that each student receives the most benefit from their tour experience, we ask that class sizes be limited to 50 or fewer students.
So call and sign up today for these FREE activities that bring art instructors and materials from the Phippen Museum to your students. Or, call to arrange for a special tour of the museum. For more information, or to schedule a tour or activity, please call Neal at (928)778-1385.