48th Annual Western Art Show & Sale

This extremely popular annual art event features some of the most outstanding Western artists in America today, all seeking the recognition, pride, and prestige this show provides. But almost as important to the participants as pursuing artistic excellence is the special hometown atmosphere and camaraderie this holiday show and sale provides.

Many western enthusiasts, art collectors, and locals all look forward to this Memorial Day weekend tradition held every year on the beautiful Yavapai County Courthouse Plaza in downtown Prescott, a famous and infamous district that elicits the flavor of the old west and complements the venue with antique shops, saloons, and historic hotels.

So we hope you can join us this year in support of this special presentation of the great Art of the American West and the Phippen Museum. 

2022 Western Art Show & Sale Participating Artists

Kinsey Artfitch

Steve Atkinson

Marie Barbera

Lia Bardin Bomar

Margarethe Brummermann

Debra Bruner

Gary Burke

Austin Casson

Mario Cespedes

Dane Chinnock

Karen Clarkson

Bill Cramer

Don Dean

Lydia Dillon-Sutton

Perri Duncan

Chloé Duncan

Scott Ewen


Marless Fellows

Dennis Flowers

Randy Galloway

Al Glann

Robert Goldman

Mike Greenfield

Bonnie Griffin

J. Waid Griffin

Meg Harper

Jerry W. Harris

Loren Henderson

Paul Hopman

Doyle Hostetler

J. Howard

Russell Johnson

Aaron Jones

Valeriy Kagounkin

Chul Yong Lee

James Lee

Deborah Liszt

Bernie Lopez

Tamara Magdalina

Alvin Marshall

Dale Martin

Stephen McCullough

Michael McCullough

Darla Jean McFadden

Cecilia McGuire

Rhonda Morfin

Randy Morris

Cathy Sue Munson

Michael Murphy

Bill Nebeker, CA

Julie Nighswonger

Dawn Normali

Mark Oberkirsch

Kim Seyesnem Obrzut

Carolyn Parker

Russell Parker

Mark Parsons

Sarah Phippen

Pedro Ramos

Don Rantz

Rob Richards

Yvette Rosa

Lee Rue

Ian Russell

Jeremy Salazar

Jerry Salazar

Sonsoles Shack

Diana Simpson

G. Eric Slayton

Jason Stella

Jim Stuckenberg

Wei Tai

Ans Taylor

Charles Thomas

Danuta Tomzynski

Manny Valenzuela


Yao Vilaubi

Craig Vilaubi

Gary Ward

Con Williams

Carl Wolf

Larry Yazzie

Susan Hemm Zivic

The Western Art Collector

visits the Phippen Western

Art Show & Sale in 2016.

Music by www.bensound.com