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Arizona Rancher & Cowboy Hall of Fame

The Arizona Rancher & Cowboy Hall of Fame was established at the Phippen Museum in 2009 to honor the state's most influential and inspirational ranchers and working/rodeo cowboys. Each year at the museum's commemorative Fall Gathering Barbecue in September, we celebrate our hardworking ranching communities and rich western heritage by inducting new members to this prestigious roster of Arizona's finest ranchers and cowboys.

It is with great pride we announce that the inductee for 2018 is local rancher and cowboy poet, Gail Steiger.

Gail Steiger comes from both a ranching and songwriting background. His grandfather, Gail Gardner, wrote several well-known cowboy songs, including Tying Knots in the Devil's Tail (or Sierry Pete's), and The Dude Wrangler. Gardner was named Poet "Lariat" of Arizona by Governor Bruce Babbitt. His father, Sam Steiger, was a politician, journalist and political pundit. He served five terms as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, two terms in the Arizona State Senate, and one term as mayor of Prescott, Arizona. Gail worked on his father's ranches off and on while growing up, and later worked full time on the Cross U Ranch for several years. He has also worked for the Yolo Ranch, the 7UP, the DC Cattle Co., and the O6 Ranch. Gail has been the foreman of the 50,000 acre Spider Ranch since 1995.

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