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Cool, Cool Water
in the Marley Gallery
March 3rd-July 22nd, 2018
Opening Reception & Members Preview on Saturday, March 2nd at 5:30PM; Members FREE & Guests $10 each

Portraits of the West

in the James Gallery
Through April 22nd, 2018

LookofManyYearsbyHowardTerpningLook of Many Years by Howard TerpningThe human face is rarely a 'blank canvas'. Wrinkles, age spots and other facial features reflect a lifetime of experience and give an immediate sense of the life a person has led. And in our current exhibition, Portraits of the West, the artwork on display focuses on characters associated with the American West, revealing their true nature by offering a detailed glimpse of a moment frozen in time. This special collection of pieces is comprised of items from the Permanent Collection, private collectors and the artists themselves.
While portraits are intended to capture the likeness, personality, and even the mood of an individual, this exhibit's multidimensional and multi-cultural representations open up new and important perspectives on the diverse peoples and places of the American West.