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4th Annual Hold Your Horses! Invitational Exhibition & Sale
in the Marley Gallery
August 5th - September 24th, 2017
Opening Reception & Members Preview on Saturday, August 4th at 5:30PM; Members FREE & Guests $10 each

MaryAnnCherryMotherlyLoveOil22x22Motherly Love by Mary Ann CherryThe close relationship between horses and humans has dramatically changed both species over time. People have bred horses in an effort to make them faster, stronger, bigger of smaller. But  horses have also changed humans. The ways we travel, trade, play, work and fight wars have all been profoundly shaped by our use of horses. In fact, this majestic animal has arguably had a greater impact on the evolution of human civilization than any other. And their powerful influence on mankind is just oneo of the many reasons we offer the 4th annual presentation of this very special invitational exhibition and sale. 



in the James Gallery
June 25th - August 27th, 2017

WieghorstUntitledPencilDrawingOlaf Wieghorst was a painter of the American West in the same vein as Frederic Remington and Charles Russell and this outstanding exhibition of his incredible artwork is comprised of pieces on loan from private collectors and etchings, drawings and paintings that have been generously donated to the museum's Permanent Collection by the Estate of Gladys Tuttle.
He was born in Viborg, Denmark, and by the age of nine was skilled in horseback acrobatics and performed as a stunt rider for the Danish Circus. In 1918 he immigrated to the United States and his working career was spent on mounted patrol with the U.S. Cavalry (as part of a campaign that chased Pancho Villa back across the border) and the New York City Police Department Mounted Division. He also had occasional interludes as a wrangler on ranches in the western states. But everywhere he went, Wieghorst sketched and painted the Western culture he loved so much, often selling his work as calendar and magazine illustrations.
In 1945, Wieghorst settled in El Cajon, California, where he spent the rest of his life working on his art. During his notable career, he would learn to master oil and watercolor painting, as well as numerous other art mediums. However, it was his deep love for horses that made them the major theme in many of his paintings.