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Ken Zylstra bidding at the Miniature Masterpiece Sale-by-Draw.

1. This is a fixed price sale based on a draw system and artwork will be on display throughout the month of May beginning Wednesday, May 1st, 2019. Then at 11AM on Monday, May 27th, the Sale-by-Draw will take place in the museum's lower level gallery.

2. Potential buyers must complete an intent-to-purchase form for each piece they wish to purchase. Only one Intent-To-Purchase is allowed per person per piece.
a. Complete an Intent-to-Purchase form with payment information (checks payable to Phippen Museum for the sales price or credit card information.)
b. Give the white copy to the salesperson in the Miniature Masterpiece Gallery, if none present give to the Front Desk.
c. The yellow copy is the potential buyer's copy for their records.
d. The pink partial slip is then placed in the corresponding numbered box next to the artwork.

3. You may also place your Intent-To-Purchase form by credit card by calling (928)778-1385 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

4. Should the item number on the slip NOT match the item number of the artwork when the drawing takes place, a new slip will be drawn. All potential purchasers are asked to be especially careful that the number appearing on their Intent-To-Purchase deposit slip matches the number of the artwork they wish to purchase.

5. The first name drawn has the right to purchase. If the person whose name is drawn is present at the drawing, they have the right to refuse purchase and must contact the Draw Sales Desk within fifteen minutes of the conclusion of the final draw and a second name will be drawn.

6. Absentee buyers whose slips are drawn must purchase the artwork. The sale will be processed immediately and the buyer will be informed after the draw. The museum cannot be held responsible for errors or failures to submit the Intent-To-Purchase forms properly.

7. If you would like your artwork shipped to you, please let us know at the time of payment. There will be an additional charge of $50.00 per item to cover the cost. If the item exceeds 40 pounds additional charges may apply.

8. All Intent-To Purchase forms and credit card information belonging to unsuccessful buyers will be shredded. Checks will be voided and returned via U.S. Mail during the third week of June.