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Saturday, January 7th from 10AM to 12PM
Join us as museum staff guides kids through this winter art project to create traditional corn husk dolls. These dolls are Native American toys made from the dried leaves or "husk" of a corn cob. Making corn husk dolls was adopted by early European settlers in the United States of America and wherever corn was grown as a crop, children in both Native American and Colonial American families, used husks to fashion dolls. Space is limited, so call our Education Coordinator, Neal McEwen, at (928)778-1385 now and reserve a spot for this upcoming activity.

Hopi Pottery with Jeff Ogg
Saturday, January 14th at 1PM
Some artifacts seduce us with their accessible beauty; others arrest us with their freshness and a hint of deeper meaning derived from experiences and beliefs foreign to our own. This is especially true of Native American artwork and on January 14th you can join us as noted collector, life-long Prescottonian and owner of Ogg’s Hogan, Jeff Ogg, discusses the enduring aesthetic vision and spirituality of Hopi pottery.

Rock Hounds & River Rats with Erik Berg
Saturday, January 21st at 1PM
In 1937, a group of Cal Tech geology professors and hardy boatmen set out in small wooden boats on a 6 week journey through the Grand Canyon to study the ancient rocks of the canyon’s Inner Gorge. Leveraging excerpts from several of the members’ trip journals - as well as original photographs and video footage - this presentation discusses the adventures, hardships, conflicts and triumphs of this important, yet little-known, early science expedition. This program is offered in collaboration with Arizona Humanities' Speakers Bureau, AZSpeaks.

Seeing through a Critical Eye with Corinne Cain
Saturday, January 28th at 1PM
Join us as acclaimed art appraiser Corinne Cain provides insights into viewing and evaluating Native American art and artifacts and discusses the artists and artwork featured in the our current exhibit of native-American works, The People Speak. Corrine has become globally recognized as a highly skilled appraiser and been involved with Native American painting since 1975.

James Gallery
January 29th - June 18th, 2017


FREE Youth Art Workshop; Cowboy Valentines
Saturday, February 4th at 10AM
Limited class size - Call for reservations (928)778-
A handmade gift always says you care. And with Valentine's Day just around the corner, the Phippen Museum is offering kids the perfect opportunity to show family and friends their love and appreciation at this FREE Valentine workshop. This unique art opportunity utilizes the museum's resources and staff guided instruction to help children create their own handmade valentine for that special someone. Participants will explore several artistic techniques in this fun-filled, hands-on activity, including ink stamping, appliques, lace making and clay molding, all in an effort to come up with a very special valentine memento. To register for this free activity, please contact the museum's Education Coordinator, Neal McEwen at (928)778-1385 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Basic Painting for All Levels with Gretchen Lopez
Saturday & Sunday, February 11th & 12th from 10AM to 4PM
Reccommended ages: 15 and older
Limited class size - Call for reservations (928)778-1385
Materials required
Cost: $150
This two-day workshop is perfect for the beginning student or experienced painter who wishes to expand their skills. Gretchen will introduce the students to the basics of starting a painting, along with getting to know your brushes and mixing color from a limited palette. Students will work from a still life the first day, then from photo reference on the second day; however, participants are welcome to bring their own reference material. Lots of Instructor Demonstrations and one-on-one provided!

Epics of the American Southwest with Dr. Sharonah Frederick
Thursday, February 16th, 2017 at 5:30PM
Cost $30 (Members $25)
Anthropologist and specialist in folklore and archaeology, Dr. Sharonah Frederick, will be on hand to share narratives of heroes and heroines in the mythic literature of the Southwest. Whether it's the Hopi epics of the wanderings of Long Sash or the adventures of Spanish men and women who deserted Francisco de Coronado's expedition, the whole American Southwest is a treasure trove of legendary stories. And this special program shares these tales and stresses the social and moral messages transmitted in these oral and written texts. Dr. Fredrick is Assistant Director of the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Arizona State University. She is that rare individual who combines scholarship, a passion for her field of study, and most importantly, a gift for storytelling – an ability to bring the past into the present and to reveal those connections that span the distances of both time and culture.
Reservations Required - (928)778-1385

MARCH 2017

Marley Gallery
Saturday, March 4th - Sunday, July 23rd, 2017
Opening Reception & Members Preview on Friday, March 3rd at 5:30PM
Members FREE & Guests $10 each

Art to Flowers display
Friday, March 3rd - Sunday, March 5th, 2017
This special art event invites local florists with High Desert Designers to tap their inner artist by creating incredible renditions of Western fine flowers. This display begins at the Opening Reception for By the Light of the Moon exhibit but, due to the fleeting nature of flowers, for only a couple days afterward. Don't miss it.

FREE Youth Art Workshop: Positively Wild Horse Silhouettes
Saturday, March 4th at 10AM
Recommended ages: 9 and older
Limited class size - Call for reservations (928)778-1385
Create a unique mixed media art piece with stencils, crayons, acrylics or tempera. Discover how you can unleash your creativity through the use of repetitive patterns and explore how positive images can be created to define negative space in this docent guided exercise.

Art Demonstration: Painting Techniques of the Nocturnal Setting with Bill Anton
Saturday, March 4th at 1PM
Join us as celebrated, national award-winning Prescott artist Bill Anton discusses art and art technique through a fascinating demonstration of nocturnal painting. This special presentation is designed to enhance our exhibition, By the Light of the Moon, with artwork depicting the mysterious light and shadow cast on nocturnal landscapes.

Swing Into History-Songs of the Old West with Erik Larson
Saturday, March 18th at 1PM
Join master docent and historian Erik Larson as he revisits the sounds of America's Old West and plays from his personal collection of more than 30,000 recordings, sharing little-known historical trivia along with vintage sheet music, posters and postcards. Historical background information and displays are also included in this special musical presentation.

Introduction to Plein-Air Drawing with Steve Atkinson
Saturday & Sunday, March 25th & 26th from 10AM to 1PM
Recommended ages: 15 and older
Limited class size - Call for reservations (928)778-1385
Materials required
Cost: $75
Bring your sketchbook and join award-winning western artist Steve Atkinson in the best classroom on Earth-the great outdoors. Whether you're a beginning artist or have been drawing your whole life, Steve will guide you through the fun process of achieveing rewarding results.

APRIL 2017

FREE Youth Art Workshop: Paper Mache Saddles
Saturday, April 1st at 10AM
Recommended ages: 10 and older
Limited class size - Call for reservations (928)778-1385
Create a treasured piece of art, and learn about the history of the Western saddle and the craft of saddle-making as you shape assemble and decorate pieces for a 1/5th scale model saddle. (This class requires some concentration and the application of fine motor skills).

Cowboys & Cowgirls: Icons of the West with Betsy Fahlman
Saturday, April 1st at 1PM
Few symbols have been more durable than the American cowboy. This program will give an overview of this populist figure, whose image was first defined by painters Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russell. Also important to the story are brave cowgirls and the Mexican vaqueros. Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show showcased mythic cowboy culture, with singing cowboys, pretty girls on horses, and plenty of Indians in his internationally popular extravaganzas that for many defined the American West. Arizona's contribution to this chronicle is significant, and includes Lon Megargee (the state's original cowboy artist). Contemporary artists continue to
portray this tradition.

Introduction to Representational Sculpting - The Figure with Neal McEwen
Saturday & Sunday, April 8th & 9th from 10AM to 4PM
Recommended ages: 15 and older
Limited class size - Call for reservations (928)778-1385
Materials required
Cost: $75
This class is an introduction to clay sculpture. Topics include: assembly of bases, a proven system for constructing an armature that ensures correct anatomical dimensions and practice in sculpting the skeletal and muscular structure. Emphasis is placed on the application of hands-on technique to realize an accurate sculpture.

An Evening of Song & Entertainment with Gail Steiger and Amy Auker
Thursday, April 20th, 2017 at 5:30PM
Cost $30 (Members $25)
Join us as we host Prescott's favorite son, Gail Steiger, and award-winning author and poet, Amy Auker, for a special evening of cowboy songs, stories and fun. Reservations Required - (928)778-1385

Tom Mix: King of the Cowboys with H. Christine Reid
Saturday, April 22nd at 1PM
Cowboy movie star Tom Mix was internationally famous, and many legends and tall tales have been told about his life. This presentation highlights some of the true stories about Mix and his connection to Arizona, debunking some of the Hollywood hype. What brought Mix to travel that lonesome highway where he met his death south of Florence? Find out about his childhood, the early years in show business, his multiple marriages and divorces, his career path, his presence in Arizona, and the final hours of his life. A wide range of photographs and newspaper articles illustrate this larger than life legend.

MAY 2017

14th Annual Miniature Masterpiece Show & Sale
May 2nd through May 29th, 2017
Sale by Draw on Monday, May 29th at 11AM

PAWs (Phippen Award Winners): Small Works to Go
Saturday, May 6th through Sunday, June 4th
This new exhibition and sales event is created with both new and experienced Western art collectors in mind, featuring paintings and sculptures by award winning artists from our past three annual Western art shows. Buyers can leave with their art at any time during the event and unsold pieces will remain on display and available for purchase throughout the show.

43nd Annual Phippen Museum Western Art Show & Sale
May 27th – 29th, 2017 (Memorial Day weekend)
Arizona's premiere outdoor western art show and sale is held over Memorial Day weekend on the grounds of the historic Courthouse in Prescott, Arizona, and features over 90 Western artists from all across the nation. Weekend events include Quick Draw competitions, live art auctions, and much more!

JUNE 2017

FREE Youth Art Workshop: Plaster Petroglyphs
Saturday, June 3rd at 10AM
Recommended ages: 10 and older
Limited class size - Call for reservations (928)778-1385
Learn about the rich artistic traditions of the Hohokom people and these unique Southwestern artifacts, then create your own petroglyph image using materials provided by the museum in this docent-guided activity. (Note, this class entails the use of sharpened instruments).

Underground Prescott with Patricia Ireland-Williams & Bobbi Jane Tucker
Saturday, June 17th at 1PM
Back again by popular demand. Come take a historical look at the hidden spaces under Arizona's first territorial capitol, Prescott, Arizona. There are many stories about life underground, including tales about passageways, tunnels, catacombs, opium dens, gambling halls, brothels and prohibition. Underground Prescott shares this fascinating history and includes photos of areas below downtown Prescott that are no longer accessible to the public.

James Gallery
Sunday, June 25th - Sunday, August 27th, 2017
Opening Reception on Sunday, June 25th at 1PM

JULY 2017

FREE Youth Art Workshop: Brands & Bookmarks
Saturday, July 1st at 10AM
Recommended ages: 10 and older
Limited class size - Call for reservations (928)778-1385
Make your own leather bookmark and personalize it with a cowboy brand that you design. Learn about brands, their history and how to read these unique symbols. This class is an introduction to leatherworking and leather tooling.

Arizona's Historic Trading Posts with Carol O'Bagy-Davis
Saturday, July 15th at 1PM
Early traders traveled through Arizona Territory, selling goods from their wagons, but they soon built stores that evolved into trading and social centers where wool, sheep, and Native Arts were exchanged for food and necessities. Navajo trading posts are best known, but trading posts existed on every reservation in Arizona. Traders became the intermediaries between Native peoples and the outside world, providing not only hard goods, but other services including translating, correspondence, and transportation. Trading posts also became destinations for artists, authors, and tourists. And while they have mostly disappeared today, they remain a romantic and historic part of the Southwest.

Southwestern Rock Calendars & Ancient Time Pieces with Allen Dart Saturday, July 22nd at 1PM
Centuries before Old World peoples first entered the region, Native Americans in the Southwest developed sophisticated skills in astronomy and predicting the seasons. In this presentation, Allen Dart discusses the petroglyphs at Picture Rocks, the architecture of the Great House at Arizona's Casa Grande Ruins, and other archaeological evidence of ancient southwestern astronomy and calendrical reckoning; and interprest how these discoveries may have related to ancient Native American rituals.


HOLD YOUR HORSES! Annual Exhibition & Sale
Marley Gallery
Saturday, August 4th - Sunday, September 24th, 2017
Opening Reception & Members Preview on Friday, August 3rd at 5:30PM
Members FREE & Guests $10 each

FREE Youth Art Workshop: Pioneer Journal
Saturday, August 5th at 10AM
Recommended ages: 10 and older
Limited class size - Call for reservations (928)778-1385
Make your own personalized hard bound journal. Learn the basics of bookmaking, and discover the vanishing art of calligraphy, then let your imagination run wild and make up your own story of pioneer experiences.

Riding with the Duke: John Wayne in Arizona with Gregory McNamee
Thursday, August 17th, 2017 at 5:30PM
Cost $30 (Members $25)
John Wayne was born in Iowa and lived for most of his adult life in California. Yet, he spent many years exploring, living, and investing in Arizona, where he produced his own films, raised cattle, operated a game ranch, and was seemingly everywhere at once. Wayne remains an iconic presence in American popular culture. In this talk, Gregory McNamee, who often writes about film and western history alike for such publications as the Encyclopedia Britannica and The Hollywood Reporter, looks at the Duke's long career in Arizona.
Reservations Required - (928)778-1385

Arizona Frontier Ranch Medicine with Jody Drake
Saturday, August 19th at 1PM
Once your family arrived in the west, most often there wasn't a doctor within miles. The medical care of the family landed in the hands of the other family members. Luckily, however, it was soon learned that the region's plant life held many secrets for someone who was ill. Chew a little willow bark for a headache, pine needles are rich in vitamin C, a spider web will close up a cut, and so many other remedies. In this presentation Jody Drake utilizes a frontier medical bag to take an in depth look at illness in Arizona and how it was treated in late 1800's.

Introduction to Representational Sculpting - The Horse with Neal McEwen
Saturday & Sunday, August 26th & 27th from 10AM to 4PM
Recommended ages: 15 and older
Limited class size - Call for reservations (928)778-1385
Materials required
Cost: $75
This class is an introduction to clay sculpture. Topics include: assembly of bases, a proven system for constructing an armature that ensures correct anatomical dimensions and practice in sculpting the skeletal and muscular structure. Emphasis is placed on the application of hands-on technique to realize an accurate sculpture.


FREE Youth Art Workshop: Map Legends
Saturday, September 2nd at 10AM
Recommended ages: 9 and older
Limited class size - Call for reservations (928)778-1385
Learn about Arizona's famous lost treasure mines and make your own map to buried treasure. This activity takes the museum's popular school outreach program to new levels. Kids have the opportunity to learn map basics, draw a fantasy map of their own and learn a simple substitution code to keep their treasure hidden.

James Gallery
Sunday, September 3rd, 2017- Sunday, January 21st, 2018
Opening Reception on Sunday, September 3rd at 1PM

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 at 5:30PM
Cost: $25 per person (children 8 and under are FREE)
Reservations reguired - (928)778-1385


FREE Youth Art Workshop: Sand Painting
Saturday, October 7th at 10AM
Recommended ages: 9 and older
Limited class size - Call for reservations (928)778-1385
Come try your hand at this ancient Native-American art. In this docent-guided activity, kids can either work from a pre-printed outline, or come up with their own original design. These images, created with white glue and colored sand, will be permanently captured in a work of art suitable for framing.

Marley Gallery
Saturday, October 7th, 2017- Sunday, February 18th, 2018
Opening Reception & Members Preview on Friday, October 6th at 5:30PM
Members FREE & Guests $10 each


FREE Youth Art Workshop: Scratch Art
Saturday, November 4th at 10AM
Recommended ages: 10 and older
Limited class size - Call for reservations (928)778-1385
Phippen docents lead this free activity. Kids can study Native-American pottery and
rock-art designs and then make their own design, or free-form art etching using a scratch art board provided by the museum.
(Note: this class entails the use of sharpened instruments)


FREE Youth Art Workshop: Cork Horse Ornaments
Saturday, December 2nd at 10AM
Recommended ages: 9 and older
Limited class size - Call for reservations (928)778-1385
These whimsical creatures are back! Kids have the opportunity to design and outfit a wine-cork horse with an array of materials to brighten and adorn their Christmas tree.

*PLEASE NOTE: There is a 15% fee for cancellations up to 1 week before paid programming; no refunds are given after that time.
(All refunds will be dispersed by check.)