Michel "Mike" O'Haco's father immigrated to Arizona from the Basque Pyrenees between France and Spain in the mid-1890's. By 1941 he and his partners had built the O'Haco Sheep Company into the largest sheep outfit in the state and were also running cattle. When World War II broke out, Mike went to serve his country, returning with a Silver Star and a paralyzed spine. Mike married the nurse who cared for him during his rehabilitation, Teresa Savinsky, and after his recovery, took over his dad's Chevelon Butte Ranch at Winslow in 1948. Later, he phased out of the sheep business and added the Chevelon Canyon Cattle Company. Between the two ranches, he ran 1,500 commercial cattle and 300 purebred Herefords on 200,000 acres. Mike served three terms as president of the Northern Arizona Cattle Growers' Association, and was named Cattleman of the Year by the Arizona Herford Association. He was active in numerous civic activities, including serving on the Navajo County Board of Supervisors, the Arizona Racing Commission, the State ASCS Committee, and the Arizona Rangeland Advisory Council, among many others. His eight children continue to operate the 100,000-acre Chevelon Butte Ranch today.